Girlfriend For Hire (2016) Full Movie HD Direct Download

Girlfriend For Hire (2016) Movie free download
TITLEGirlfriend For Hire (2016)
RUNTIME:100 min
RELEASE:February 10,2016(Philippines)
STARS:Yassi Pressman,Andre Paras
DIRECTORVanessa U. De Leon
DESCRIPTION:A rich guy hires an orphaned poor girl to be his pretend girlfriend in order to escape his grandfather’s plan of marrying him off to another woman. In exchange of her service, he gives her a posh condo unit and a big weekly salary but there’s a catch: she’s not allowed to fall in love with him. Eventually, they start falling for each other and just when everything is going fine, his ex-girlfriend (and first love) resurfaces. Will he give their old love a second chance or will he choose to be with his hired girlfriend?

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