Abdullah and Takeshi (2016) Full Movie Download Online

Abdullah & Takeshi (2016) Full Indonesian Film Download and Movie Watch online

Abdullah & Takeshi (2016) Free Movie download
TITLEAbdullah & Takeshi (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-30 min
RELEASE:March 24 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Ahmad Kemal Palevi,Dion Wiyoko,Nasya Marcella
DIRECTORKemal Palevi
DESCRIPTION:Abdullah & Takeshi – Indonesian comedy movie titled “Abdullah & Takeshi” is a film that tells the story of two men named Abdullah (Dion Wiyoko) and Takeshi (Kemal Palevi). Abdullah and Takeshi both experiencing falls in love with the same girl called Lovely (Nasya Marcella).Abdullah, who is of Arab descent, but did not have a face that looks Arabic, while Takeshi who is of Japanese descent, but in fact he who has the face of Arabic, they are each trying to trying to win the heart of beautiful.
Once Beautifully feel no strangeness between Abdullah and Takeshi tried to find out the origin of the two of them were in fact whether they are men who swapped or not. To that end, along with Abdullah and Takeshi Beautiful set off to Japan to find out the identity of both of them.

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