Ang Tulay ng San Sebastian (2016) Full Movie Download

Ang Tulay ng San Sebastian (2016) Full Movie and Watch Online Free


Ang Tulay ng San Sebastian (2016) Movie free download
TITLEAng Tulay ng San Sebastian (2016)
RUNTIME:1h 30min
RELEASE:March 16,2016(Philippines)
STARS:Joem Bascon,Sandino Martin
DESCRIPTION:Ang Tulay Ng San Sebastian – Bong and Francis, driver and nurse, are now driving back in an ambulance to their home province from Manila where they dropped off a patient. It is nearing midnight of a Good Friday. As traffic thins out along the highway, Bong finds it hard to keep himself awake. To help Bong stay alert, the two men agree to tell each other road ghost stories. Eventually, Bong recalls that it’s bad luck to tell ghost stories on a Friday. They might just come true, especially on a Good Friday when Christ is dead.
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