Beauty and the Best (2016) Full Indonesian Movie Download

Beauty and the Best (2016) Full Indonesian Movie Download Online For Free

Beauty and the Best (2016) Free Movie download
TITLEBeauty and the Best (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-30 min
RELEASE:March 31 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Andania Suri,Brandon Salim,Chelsea Shania,Maxime Bouttier
DIRECTORAndri Sofyansyah
DESCRIPTION:Beauty and the Best – Ira worked as a model. Kelly, her classmates are achievers. Once Ira score higher than Kelly. Kelly did not receive and Ira accused of cheating. Ira deny. Kelly then challenged Ira, if Ira could beat him at the time of the UAS Kelly believes that Ira did not cheat. Such Ira accepted the challenge despite his close friends ragu.Ira was looking for a way to beat Kelly. Ira tried to approach Aldo, cousin Kelly subscribed class champion. Although Aldo smart but he did not have friends. Aldo considered strange by friends temannya.Berbagai was conducted by Ira way that Aldo would teach him. Aldo finally gave up and would teach Ira on condition learning schedule should not be disturbed by modeling schedule. Ira agreed despite the fact he had to scramble to adjust this jadwal.Taktik temporarily managed to arrive at a moment Ira caught lying by Aldo and Alin, coordinator of the model. Ira required to comply with the contract or penalized. Aldo felt cheated. He no longer wanted to teach Ira. Ira had to fend for themselves to win the stakes with Kelly.
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