Dilarang Masuk.. (2016) Full Movie Download HD Free

Dilarang Masuk.. (2016) Full HD Movie Direct Download

Dilarang Masuk.. (2016) Free Movie download
TITLEDilarang Masuk.. (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-30 min
RELEASE:March 24 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Jordi Onsu,Maxime Bouttier,Reymon Knuliqh,Sahila Hisyam
DIRECTORNayato Fio Nuala
DESCRIPTION:Dilarang Masuk..! – School digegerkan with the loss of Lisa, new students who tend to be quiet. Adit who viewed Lisa last time on the top floor of the school, is planning a joint mission to find Lisa fifth kawanya that each has a different character. All reject the invitation Adit, because the upper floor of the school has long been empty and is prohibited for anyone to enter it. Because Adit force with pity for family reasons Lisa, finally fifth Adit comrades agreed. Not unexpectedly on the top floor of the school, Adit and his friends must face many curious spirits with terrible form.

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