Ghost Diary (2016) Full Movie Indonesian Download

Ghost Diary (2016) Full Indonesian Horror Movie Free Download

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Ghost Diary (2016) Free Torrent Movie download
TITLEGhost Diary (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-36 min
RELEASE:April 7,2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Ajun Perwira,Dhea Annisa
DESCRIPTION:Ghost Diary – Marsha, who lives in a boarding school daughter, often marred by his friends, Puput, Stefani, and Nina When the holidays Marsha not return, because since his mother died and his father remarried, the stepmother did not expect the presence of Marsha. While Puput, Stefani, and Nina did not return because of a penalty due Marsha bully. The strangeness for the sake of weirdness going on. Marsha heard the cries of a room situated upper floor dormitory building. Pembina hostel, Rossa, says Marsha just hallucinating. Every night, Marsha heard the disturbance continues from the room. Marsha finally ventured to dismantle the room door was impressed undisclosed .. In the room he found a diary. From the diary that she followed the story of Julia, who was also the victim of bullies. Gradually, the story is experienced Yulia was similar to that experienced by Marsha. Without realizing it, Marsha like walking into the past when Yulia was still alive. Marsha began to know the secret that was always hidden. He tried to make it never happened to him.
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