Kalam-kalam Langit (2016) Full Movie Download Online

Kalam-kalam Langit (2016) Full Indonesian Movie Download HD For Free

Kalam-kalam Langit (2016) Free Movie download
TITLEKalam-kalam Langit (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-30 min
RELEASE:April 14 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Elyzia Mulachela,imas Seto,Meriza Febriani
DIRECTORTarmizi Abka
DESCRIPTION:Kalam-kalam Langit – Ja’far have achievements in the field of reading Al-Quran. Various feat achieved in several races including the MTQ. Jafar success was not supported by his father who thought that the MTQ only sell the verses of the Koran. Money makes a become champion. It is based on experiences during muda.Ketidaksetujuan father Jafar Jafar father made out of boarding school. MTQ cheating in the race experience also felt Jafar. This failure is one of the causes of paragraph Jafar died. After the death of his father, Jafar had to work at a freight company in Lombok.Pengalaman and religious knowledge possessed transferable to fellow employees. He also proposed repair places of worship as well as charge the religious activities including reading the Qur’an in between is where Jafar bekerja.Di get a chance to rejoin the race MTQ national level. Contradictions in the heart Jafar who had promised his father to no longer participate in the race MTQ be a process to be followed. Jafar’s mother is in a state hospital provide support for Jafar follow the race and finally emerged as juara.Cerita also a love story peppered with Azizah Jafar, son pesantren leaders Al Amin. Azizah since always supported the struggle of Jafar.
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