Rumah Pasung (2016) Full Movie Download for Free HD

Rumah Pasung (2016) Full Indo Movie Download and Watch Free Online


Rumah Pasung (2016) Movie free download
TITLERumah Pasung (2016)
RUNTIME:1h 18min
RELEASE:April 28,2016(Indonesia)
STARS:Kenny MS,Natasha Wilona,Stefan William,Wafda Saifan,Yudittia Mayang
DIRECTORNayato Fio Nuala
DESCRIPTION:Rumah Pasung – Ryan (Stefan William), Sulthan (Wafda Saifan) and Mayang (Yudittia Mayang) is the expedition crew faerie for tv program, Horror Calling. Ryan acted as host of the event. Mayang, an indigo, in charge of showing the emergence of magical appearance. While the interpreter Sultan kamera.Suatu day Ryan had to attend the funeral of his biological father. Harsono and Ratna, Ryan’s parents, unmasked past Ryan actually. Ryan is adopted. Through Harsono, Ryan’s father, Gunawan, leave a will of houses are located very far outside kota.Pergilah Ryan along with Farah (Natasha Wilona), his girlfriend, to visit the home state that has long been neglected. Strange occurrences, horrible and stressful life threatening over there. Farah suffered halusinasi.Ryan curious. The sage called his colleagues at Horror Calling. After Mayang do an overlay of heart, it transpired that there was a female ghost “bounce” as a result of someone cast a spell. Requiem was named Yasmin.

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