Comic 8 Casino Kings Part 2 2016 (Indonesia Film) Full Movie Download

Comic 8 Casino Kings Part 2 2016 Full Movie
TITLE: Comic 8 : Casino Kings Part 2 (2016)
GENRE: Action,Comedy
RUNTIME: 1h 32 min
RELEASE: March 03 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Hannah Al Rashid, Donny Alamsyah, Ence Bagus
DIRECTOR:Anggy Umbara
DESCRIPTION: Comic 8 Casino Kings Part 2 Full Movie – The eight secret agents (Arie Kriting, Babe Cabiita, Bintang Bete, Ernest Prakasa, Fico Fachriza, Ge Pamungkas, Kemal Palevi, Mongol) who adopted the code name COMIC 8 are back in action.They are led into a trap by THE KING (Sophia Latjuba) and her army, led by Isa (Donny Alamsyah) and Bella (Hannah Al Rashid), and a co-conspirator named Dr. Pandji (Pandji Pragiwaksono). Our secret agents must bet on their lives in the world’s largest online gambling scheme whose players include renowned gamblers from around the globe. The eight of them must get through each life-threatening level together, facing a killer squad called The Hunters (Barry Prima, George Rudy, Lidya Kandou, Willy Dozan, Soleh Solihun, Sacha Stevenson) who keeps on hunting them to end their lives. They also have to face the Master of Martial Arts, The Ghost (Yayan Ruhian), who resurfaced back into the world simply to eliminate Babe Cabiita. At the same time, Indro Warkop, who is wanted by an Interpol Agent named Chintya.

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