Khurafat: Perjanjian syaitan 2016 Malaysia film DVDRip full movie download

Khurafat: Perjanjian syaitan 2011 full Malay movie download HD

Khurafat: Perjanjian syaitan full movie
TITLEKhurafat: Perjanjian syaitan (2011)
RUNTIME:1h 30 Min
RELEASE:April 23 2011 (Malaysia)
STARS:Syamsul Yusof, Liyana Jasmay, Sabrina Ali
DESCRIPTION:Khurafat: Perjanjian syaitan full movie – tells the story of forbidden agreement, a conspiracy between men and devils. One form of fraud is real in the Islamic Aqeedah and very ditegah in Religion. Humans, bribed by greed and vengeance, without due thought and loud noise, willing to postpone God to obtain what is aspired though by what means, eventually swept away with a whisper, and the deceitfulness of Satan evil
PLAY:DVDRip 480p

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