KOMEDI GOKIL 2 (2016) Comedy Full Movie Indo Download

KOMEDI GOKIL 2 2016 full movie Download
RUNTIME:1h-30 min
RELEASE:May 12,2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Indro Warkop, Acho, Lolox, Boris Bokir
DESCRIPTION:KOMEDI GOKIL 2 Full Movie – Boarding House Om Indro the arrival of new residents. Acho, LOLOX, sister BORIS (Boris Bokir) and MIA, nephew aunt MAYA. Having had problems at the beginning of their arrival because of a misunderstanding about Mia Suitcase left at Acho, and then carried away by Lolox at the airport. Eventually all cleared. Acho-sort the original destination is not nge-boarding there finally settled there after looking at opportunities closer to Mia. Om Indro then involve Boris, Acho, and Lolox, in the case, when a beautiful woman in a gym, GINA ask to marry, although initially only the flirty kicks. Gina intend to speak and show his photographs along with Om Indro to Tante Maya, his wife. Acho, Boris, and Lolox given the task to retrieve and delete the photos from the HP Gina. Certainly not an easy thing for an amateur like them. Silliness-silliness in their missions more complex coupled problems of Boris, as a result of his brother who did not cease to make trouble, until the affair with TANIA foundered. Then pedekate Acho to Mia that made Boris geregetan. And one more problem of outsiders, and this time it troublesome Tante Maya. Is TOMSAS Tante old ex girlfriend Maya, who came and desperate want feedback. So Tante Maya also reengaging Boris and Lolox in an attempt to get rid of Tomsas who do not believe this if he was married. The situations pile up further leads to a big mess. How then relations Boris and Tania, and Acho and Mia? Om Indro and Tante Maya itself? Harleys are definitely going segokil-gokilnya.

Download KOMEDI GOKIL 2 2016 Indonesian Comedy Movie HD Online

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