#modus 2016 (Indo Film) Full Movie HD Download

#modus 2016 full movie
TITLE#modus (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-40 min
RELEASE:May 04,2015 (Indonesia)
STARS:Kemal Palevi, Andovi da Lopez, Jovial da Lopez, Melayu Nicole
DIRECTORDawn Bustomi, Adhe Dharmastriya
DESCRIPTION:#modus 2016 (Indo Film) Full Movie – a law student, falls in love with KIRANA (Malay Nicole), a girl child socialite wealthy businessman. He fell in love with him for his kindness and kecantika Kirana. Andovi trying to get Kirana but never succeeded. In the end he asked for advice to his brother, Jovial (Jovial Da Lopez), a film student, because during this Jovial had a lot of girlfriends. Jovial Andovi asked what the secret he could have a lot of girlfriends. Jovial replied that the girl was a lot of his type. Andovi must know what she was a girl macem. And to get classmates Cewe Kirana, should do thorough research. Suggestions -saran crazy and bizarre from Jovial dilakkan Andovi along two friends LIEM (Tomy Limm) and Reza (Reza “Arap” Oktovian) men most clever mode to the girl. Ranging from participating in activities of a former girlfriend Kirana Rayi (Rayi’s son) and his companions Marlo (Marlo Ernesto) to pretend to be a woman, but unfortunately the business which they do fail because of the presence of DIPA (Kemal Palevi) Time to Andovi get love Kirana less and less because Kirana will immediately go to Barcelona. Andovi effort and his friends getting crazy. Their efforts which made the audience laugh from beginning to end of the movie.

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