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Doukyuusei 2016 full movie
TITLEDoukyuusei (2016)
RUNTIME:1h  30min
RELEASE:February 20, 2016 (Japan)
STARS:Hideo Ishikawa, Hiroshi Kamiya, Kenji Nojima
DESCRIPTION:Doukyuusei full movie – Rihito Sajou is an honor student who got perfect scores in every subject on his high school entrance exam. Hikaru Kusakabe plays guitar in his band that performs at live events and is popular among the girls. These boys would have never crossed paths. But one day Hikaru offers to help Rihito prepare for their upcoming chorus festival and the two begin to talk. As the two meet after school, they feel one another’s sound, listen to each other’s voice, and begin to harmonize as their hearts beat together. It starts out slow but soon their feelings for one another grow and in just one moment they both realize that it is love. Hikaru’s emotions are frivolous, pure and direct causing Rihito to hesitate at first, but he gradually opens his heart. The boys are learning about each other as they also learn about themselves and support one another during this difficult time typical to youth. As the time to start thinking about their futures approaches, what do these young men find as they try to move forward…
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