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TITLE: Emelie (2016)
RUNTIME: 1h 20min
RELEASE: 4 March 2016 (USA)
STARS:Carly Adams, Carl Bailey, Thomas Bair, Chris Beetem, Heather Benson, Sarah Bolger, Robert Bozek, Doreen Donovan Corkin, Michael Joseph Dugan, Dante Hoagland, Daniel James, Elizabeth Jayne, Sara Kow-Falcone
DIRECTOR:Michael Thelin
DESCRIPTION: Emelie HDRip 720p – The flick started interesting enough, had me intrigued right off the bat, however from there it just kind of slows down and starts following the exact same path that many other similar movies have. As the babysitter’s intentions become clear the movie got kind of bland, I just didn’t really care about most of the stuff that was going on. The film managed to hold my interest enough to stop from turning the movie off but it failed to create any real tension/suspense.It wasn’t all bad, I thought the cast did a really good job, especially the child actors who all gave very realistic performances and succeeded at not really being annoying or obnoxious at all. There were a few memorable scenes as well, one that was really unintentionally funny in my opinion.
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Note: Please support the movie in you cinemas if you have money to buy ticket

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