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I Love You From 38.000 Feet 2016 full movie
TITLEI Love You From 38.000 Feet (2016)
RUNTIME:1h-30 min
RELEASE:July 20,2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Michelle Ziudith, Rizky Nazar, Derby Romero, Ricky Cuaca
DIRECTOR Asep Kusdinar
DESCRIPTION:I Love You From 38.000 Feet HD full movie – The story is about a girl named Aletta (Michelle Ziudith) 18 years old, who flew to Bali for a vacation, at the same time last met with Arga (Rizky Nazar) 20 years. Arga is a student at the same time with the program creator flag Geography Channel. Since the meeting was the relationship Arga and Aletta getting close to a lot of funny happenings between them. Once Arga asked to Aletta how long you will vacation to Bali, Aletta paused for a moment. But then Aletta answer, actually I went to Bali not for a holiday but I was running away from home. Arga calmly replied why did you run away? Aletta began to cry and told me. “From the little I was raised by my parents, grew from the milk of my mother but when I’m older, they do not love the most important thing in my life, namely the right to choose and decide what is best for my life. But what Diusiaku now I can not take my own decisions? ” their relationship is getting closer since then and slowly Arga ask Aletta to return to his home. And Arga promised to catch up with him soon to Jakarta. But until now the promised Arga never present. Day by day Aletta always wait for Arga but did not come. Where actual Arga? Why did not he fulfill his promise? Do Arga lied in order Aletta Aletta want to go back to his house? Or is there someone else in life Arga? And why Aletta had to run away from home?
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