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Memory of Brotherhood 2016 2016 full movie
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Memory of Brotherhood 2016 2016 full movie
TITLEMemory of Brotherhood (2016)
RUNTIME:1h  30min
RELEASE:1 April 2016 (China)
STARS:Chih-Hsiung Wu, Liang Zhuo Man, Liángshān Shān
DESCRIPTION:Memory of Brotherhood 2016 full movie – After the brothers were killed Tyrannosaurus Rex, the boss B brother rage, desire and come to a positive Tyrannosaurus fight, before leaving, B Columbia clearance worship God lead his brother, vowed revenge for the brothers, even if the expense is also lost their lives. B brother Seeing the fear of life and death cute pair of children, and my heart with a trace of hesitation, secretly arranged cronies A Man and his wife and daughter will be sent to mainland China Justin, told his son before leaving to take good care of my mother and sister. Tyrannosaurus fighting, the Tyrannosaurus faction dealt a heavy blow, B brother also accidentally injured. After police arrived and tried to stop the fight, more than a dozen police gun Brother B, B brother without fear, Yang scored …… knife toward Tyrannosaurus years, B brother children grow up. A full brother Justin B then use the remaining industry will be big business. B A super brother son also in the years tempered, always remember the year my father told, have to play as a young man, and get to know three different personalities of the brothers. Years ago, a wind and rain, the surface has to settle, however, the calm behind it raging dark Tao. A Chaoshou feast day, Justin A Man Come congratulations, A Man received a mysterious phone, all things thus transformed, a reign of terror began …
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