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Teniente Gimo 2016 full movie
TITLETeniente Gimo (2016)
RUNTIME:1h 33min
RELEASE:June 1 2016 (Philippines)
STARS:John Regala, Suzelle Ranillo, Julio Diaz, Eliza Pineda, Mon Confiado, Joshua Dionisio, Kate Brios
DIRECTORRoland M. Sanchez
DESCRIPTION:Teniente Gimo full movie – It happened in the town of Dueñas, Iloilo. There’s this guy they called “Tiniente Gimo” (Lieutenant Gimo). He was addressed as Tiniente (Lieutenant) because he’s some sort of a captain (a chief) of a baranggay (Barangay, is native term for a village) of the said town. It was all also said that he’s also referred Tiniente because he’s also a chief of his clan, a clan of aswangs.One of her daughters who’s studying in the city decided to invite her friends to come over her place in Dueñas because they’re celebrating a fiesta (also a spanish influenced custom). Two of her friends accepted the invitation and they went on the eve of the fiesta.
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