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TITLEThe Final Master (2016)
RUNTIME:1h 30min
RELEASE:11 December 2015 (China)
STARS:Fan Liao, Jia Song, Wenli Jiang, Shi-Jye Jin, Yang Song, Jue Huang, Zhang Aoyue, Chen Guantai, Ma Jun, Maidina, Shang Yansheng
DESCRIPTION:The Final Master full movie – If you are looking for funny or fancy kungfu actions, this is probably not your best choice. This movie shows the real kungfu: simple but effective moves, moves that you would see if you ever fight with a real world kungfu fighter. Being a Chinese, I grew up watching kungfu movies.If all you can see are fighting scenes, then it’s merely a Chinese boxing movie. Kungfu is a sport, a fighting skill, but most of all a philosophy, or at the very least, a particular set of values. In this movie, the ideal philosophy of kungfu is greatly challenged. You’ll see the authentic Chinese traditional values of family, factions, love and teacher-student relationship. No heroes, but only characters who are struggling with honors, duties and survival in a special historic setting. Perhaps not everyone would love this movie, but I guarantee you this story is not a cliché.
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