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What We Become 2016 full movie
TITLEWhat We Become (2016)
RUNTIME:1h  44min
RELEASE:31 March 2016 (Denmark)
STARS:Mille Dinesen, Marie Hammer Boda, Troels Lyby
DIRECTORBo Mikkelsen
DESCRIPTION:What We Become full movie – Sorgenfri took me by surprise – in the best possible way. I walked in with relatively low expectations, but left thinking that this might be THE zombie movie I have always waited for. It might be my favourite to date.It’s definitely up to par with The Walking Dead in many ways, just more thrilling and horror-like. It really got under my skin and made me feel very… alive!The special effects were great. The locations, settings and moods felt very realistic. Character development and dialogue was satisfying. The sounds were oh-so creepy.All in all this is a very well made movie. Which happens to be a zombie movie set in a small town in Denmark. I never in my life thought I would see those two sentences in the same paragraph, but here we are.
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