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부산행 full movie
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Train To Busan 2016 full movie
TITLETrain To Busan (2016)
RUNTIME:1h – 51 min
RELEASE:July 20, 2016 (South Korea)
STARS:Gong Yoo,Ma Dong-Seok,Jung Yu-Mi,Choi Woo-Sik,Ahn So-Hee,Kim Soo-Ahn,Kim Eui
DIRECTOR Sang-ho Yeon
DESCRIPTION:Train To Busan 2016 movie – Sok-woo and his daughter Soo-ahn are boarding the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan. But right at the moment of their departure, the train station is overrun by zombies which kill the train driver and several others. While the KTX is shooting driver-less to Busan, the passengers have to fight for their naked lives against the zombies
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