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8 Hari Menaklukan Cowo full movie
TITLE8 Hari Menaklukan Cowo(2016)
RUNTIME:1h  30min
RELEASE:22 September 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Angelica Simperler, Marcell Darwin, Fita Anggraini, Rangga Azof, Yama Carlos

DESCRIPTION:8 Hari Menaklukan Cowo full movie – Gilang is a figure of a man who admired women. Strangely of all the girls were excited with him, there was only one girl who did not heed that Reta (Angelica Simperler). Reta friends along with his three friends, namely Firza (Fita Anggriani), Dirly (Marcell Darwin) and Lala (Regina Rengganis). Once, Firza who secretly likes challenging Gilang Gilang Reta to get within eight days. Firza fashionable sure if Reta very simple it will not work. Dirly who know about it so disagree but still supports Reta.

Finally, with a number of complex challenges and devious attempt Firza finally Gilang choose Reta who look humble compared Firza. But in the long run Reta forget his three friends and cool with Gilang. Amid the sweet relationship with Gilang Reta, came the figure of the past Gilang present among their relations, namely Sherina (Naufal Ghani) who seek to undermine their relationship. Sherina reveal secrets Gilang who is actually in front of Reta. The secret instantly create Reta very surprised and decided to part ways with Gilang.

Reta, now alone makes Dirly wanted to accompany her heart that was also put on the train. However Gilang come to ask Reta back into his lover. What secrets to be disclosed Sherina and friendship would Reta, Dirly, Firza and Lala returned intact as usual, and who will be selected by the Reta between Gilang and Dirly?

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