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Will You Marry M 2016 full movie
TITLEWill You Marry M (2016)
RUNTIME:1h  30min
RELEASE:September 15 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Ferly Putra,Felicya Angelista,Dinda Surbakti,Mike Mohede
DESCRIPTION:Will You Marry Me 2016 movie – Jenny Rose is a singer in a small cafe located in the city of Bandung. Almost every night he and his group perform in a live show. Like the previous nights. He was always able to applause from the visitors. But that night was different when a new guest first visited the cafe asks Rose to continue the show despite hours of the show was over and the other end has been deserted. Here was the beginning perkenalanan between Jenny Rose and Rama. Settling between Rama and Rose went well and familiar and they both had the same hobby. Both like classic music and photography. Problems began to appear in the midst of their happiness when Stefanie present. Unnoticed by Rama, since he moved to Bandung, Stefanie secretly seek out the existence of Rama. Without them knowing that they are slowly starting to get caught up in nostalgia. How is the end of the trip romance between Rama and Rose, as well as to Rama and Stephanie A love story that can not be guessed, so that the audience will carry over to wait until the end of the film is finished. Active 15 September 2016 in Indonesian cinema theaters.

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