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TITLE: #66 (2016)  imdb

GENRE: Action
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: November 17 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Asun Mawardi, Donita, Yayu AW Unru, Ricardo Silenzie, Franki Darmawan, Djaitov Tigor, Hendra Louis, Erwin ST Bagindo, Ali Syehan, Fandy Christian, Joshua D Pandelaki
DIRECTOR:Asun Mawardi

#66 2016 Full Movie Download – is an assassin assigned to kill a police informant to protect a criminal organization, but he fled with the money paid out of the city, without having completed his task. Because he wants to leave the life of crime.
#66 full movie decided to return to his home, but he was not accepted by the family because during this time he disappeared without any news story and make his family disappointed. And # 66 decided to work as a driver and bodyguard for a beautiful girl named Fara (Donita) which was the son of the head of a criminal organization.
Intend to want to get out of his past now #66 trapped again in the criminal world. The more he knows about the Fara family, more and more evident that they work for the criminal and his brother Ari (Ricardo Silenzie) be the introduction of drugs. They were both dragged further and further away as assigned drugs destroy nests and kill the enemy gang.
#66 full movie trying to come to terms with its past, its failures, and rebuild the relationship with his father and brother. #66 faced with the choice to remain loyal to his work or to protect his family.


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