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TITLE: Barcelona A Love Untold (2016)
GENRE: Romance
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: September 14 2016 (Philippines)
STARS:Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla
DIRECTOR:Olivia Lamasan

DESCRIPTION: Barcelona A Love Untold 2016 torrent is their first movie under director Olivia M. Lamasan. During the course of the media conference from the flick on Tuesday, August 30 at the Dolphy Theater, each Kathryn and also Daniel shared some from their adventures collaborating with one from the nation’s top supervisors and also meeting Filipinos in Barcelona.
This was definitely all out. If that’s Inang, our team have no idea just how she performs this, just how she takes care of to express the emotion that is actually needed to have, no concern exactly how basic or massive the arena is. I reckon that’s why she is actually Inang. And she definitely offered all this advice in this particular film– exactly how we need to deliver the series, the best ways to shed tears in the scene. Every little thing, as in she was really keeping an eye on every little thing. As well as we’re very appreciative that Inang allowed this project.


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