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Chasing Great full movie
TITLE: Chasing Great (2016)
GENRE: Documentary,Biography,Drama,Sport
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: 1 September 2016 (New Zealand)
STARS:Richie McCaw, Charlotte Brewer, Andre King
DIRECTOR:Justin Pemberton, Michelle Walshe

DESCRIPTION: Chasing Great 2016 movie is All Black leader Richie McCaw has resided his desire with distinctive accuracy and also determined judgment. He is actually 34 and also maybe the very best rugby gamer ever. However the goal is virtually above. He is actually aged through specialist sporting activity criteria and also everybody is inquiring when he’s heading to resign. Prior to his occupation ends Richie McCaw establishes his attractions on a risk-all attempt to win the Rugby World Cup back to back. No staff has won it a 2nd attend a row. No leader has actually gained this two times. He is going to either finish his profession on an impossibly high details or go on a country’s desires with him. Chasing Great abides by Richie McCaw with his final season as he attempts to captain the All Blacks to the very first ever-back-to back World Cup win. Previously Richie McCaw’s achievements have been properly documented, but little is actually understood about the man themselves. He has never courted the media and continues to be intensely exclusive. Going after Great gets the viewers inside his world for the 1st time as well as what emerges is actually a quite personal insight.


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