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Comic Kong X Kong full movie
TITLE: Comic Kong X Kong (2016)
GENRE: Comedy
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: Indonesia
STARS:Tretan Muslim, Denny Gitong, Mo Sidik, Nabila Putri, Eva Asmarani
DIRECTOR:Yan Senjaya

DESCRIPTION: Comic Kong X Kong 2016 movie is Muslim and Gitong moved to Jakarta to find a job in the Job Market. But bad luck, they are deceived by brokers pretty berkongkalikong drain money and no work gets. Money runs out fate stranded in the city park, and someone happen to meet them and encouraged “young people do not lazing got to work, work, honest mental revolution. The frustration makes Muslim and Gitong upset, they urinated on the statue as a form of protest. As a result of the action statues exploded and destroyed. Police arrested them on charges of terrorist acts, they were released because of the CCTV footage, sculptures explode because korselet electricity. dedication moral honest by policewomen Yenny they used informants Honoree for combating corruption. activists eradication of corruption Cindy acquainted with Muslim and Gitong, they agreed to dismantle corruption Boss Eels are released because no proven kongxkong with officials membeckingnya. the operation was disguised as a beggar blind by Muslims and Gitong supported policewomen Yenny, Cathy, beautiful woman is the wife of deposits official berkongxkong with Boss eel organization trash. Muslim and Gitong then reported to the police officer Yenny all information obtained from Cathy. Finally policewoman Yenny ambush when bribery between Boss eel with an official who berkongxkong in an undisclosed place, managed to ambush and arrest him. It turns out the evidence captured hand a bribe in the form of coins as much as 2 sacks.

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