Daerah Terlarang 2016 full movie (Indonesia film) download

Daerah Terlarang full movie 2016 clear copy Indo download

Daerah Terlarang full movie download

Daerah Terlarang full movie
TITLE: Daerah Terlarang (2016)
GENRE: Horror
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: 22 September 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Bedu, Rosnita Putri Permata, Natalie Sarah, Rendy Septino
DIRECTOR:George Hutabarat

DESCRIPTION: Daerah Terlarang 2016 movie is when that evening Reza, Deny, Elin and Desy toward the top for the Shooting. They Callingan players for shooting horror movie at the top. When passing a haunted house, suddenly their car broke down. They then terrorized pocong gatekeepers haunted house. But eventually they could escape the terror pocong fraudulent, and then they decided to first stay at an inn before continuing the journey the next day. Turns pocong idly follow them so that Reza Cs back terrorized pocong fad comes to lodging. According to the residents, it was a fad pocong Mimi spirits flower village who committed suicide in the house. Shooting began, coincidentally shooting lived Reza Cs is a horror movie. Pocong fad involved in the film making at the Film Crew strange when they are no roles pocong. Terror pocong fad continues, until finally Reza dreamed that pocong died from a broken heart left by her fiancé. He haunts request returned the engagement ring ever thrown by her fiance. Can Reza CS returns “Cicin- Pocong” and Apart From Pocong ??? Terror Watch “Forbidden Territory” only in cinemas 22 September 2016.

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