Melbourne Rewind 2016 full movie download

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Melbourne Rewind full movie HD
Melbourne Rewind 2016 full movie download

TITLE: Melbourne Rewind (2016)  imdb

GENRE: Drama, Romance
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: 17 November 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Morgan Oey, Pamela Bowie, Aurelie Moeremans, Jovial da Lopez
DIRECTOR:Danial Rifki

Melbourne Rewind 2016 full movie is about the failed to move on. That faced by Laura (Pamela Bowie), radio broadcaster who now lives in Melbourne when found, Max (Morgan Oey), his first love appears in front of him. The memory of the past was slowly returning, bring any sense of love, resentment, pain and loss. Max is not just a first love, but Max is the one who manages to make Laura slowly discover the purpose of life. Max draw up every passion and ideals Laura like a puzzle, and eventually make Laura intact as he is now. But the youth ego separates them. Max had to go to America to realize his dream as a Lighting Designer. And both agreed to realize the dream on the road respectively. Unfortunately, Max comes back when she is ready to forget about him and move on to another man, Evan (Jovial da Lopez), veterinarian who also is the girlfriend of his best friend, Cee (Aurelie Mauremans) . Move on from the first love and falling in love with girlfriend companions? Laura now have to arrange their own puzzle of his life choice. By answering a big question to guide his life: “what exactly would my heart?”. A tale of self-discovery and love, in a city that allows any case, MELBOURNE.

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