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Night Bus full movie
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Night Bus full movie
TITLE: Night Bus (2016)
GENRE: Action,Thriller
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: August 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Darius Sinathrya, Teuku Rifnu Wikana
DIRECTOR:Emil Heradi

DESCRIPTION: Night Bus 2016 movie is until now there has been circulated, but from leaks we get, the film will tell you about a young man who was about to return to his hometown, in the middle of the journey, Buses that they tumpagi dismissed by the armed forces. Various conflicts experienced by the youth along with the other passengers. There is no message to be conveyed in this film about the struggle and hope to survive.
NIGHT BUS is an Indonesian film directed by Emil Heradi, while the text of a story written by Rahabi Mandra. The story of the film is adapted from a true story experienced by Tengku Rifnu Wikana became the first debut for Darius Sinathrya dibangku Producer. Initially Darius just chatting casually about the film, and then he volunteered to be a producer along Teuku Rifnu Wikana. According to the plan NIGHT BUS films will be aired throughout the theater in August, 2016.

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