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Pinky Promise full movie
TITLE: Pinky Promise (2016)
GENRE: Drama
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: 13 October 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Agni Pratistha, Chelsea Islan, Dhea Ananda, Derby Romero
DIRECTOR:Guntur Soeharjanto

DESCRIPTION: Pinky Promise 2016 movie are enduring today is wound and sorrow. His life is shattered when his fiancée cancel their wedding. During this time she thought she was a strong woman. Only Anind (55 years old), her aunt Tika only one that could eventually force Tika out of grief. Not only that. Tika told Anind even managed to move to his home in order to move on. Tika and Anind then meet new people in their lives. Ken (21tahun), a dancer and also a blogger who was in college, and Baby (30) an adult men’s magazine model who became a man deposits deep pockets. Tika and Anind also met Farid (40 years) and Vina (35 years old) a couple who have to face the economic difficulties of the household. The story of friendship was established, female friendships that can foster strength for them. But the age ranges and different backgrounds had led to the opposite point of view. And what about the friendship that exists among them and how Tika can find the answer to a problem his personal life.

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