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Seoul Station full movie HD
Seoul Station 2016 full movie download

TITLE: Seoul Station (2016)  imdb

GENRE: Animation / Drama / Thriller
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: 29 Sep 2016 (South Korea)
STARS:Ryu Seung-Ryong, Shim Eun-Kyung, Lee Joon

Seoul Station 2016 full movie is In the prequel from the live-action “Train to Busan”, a guy is actually anxiously hunting for his runaway little girl that becomes a woman of the street. In the middle of his search, a destitute guy at Seoul Station goes crazy and begins to attack and also spread his insanity and infection to people. The government is then obliged to stop specific location as a zombie pandemic has been actually released.

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Seoul Station 2016 Zombie movieSeoul Station 2016 DVDRip download

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