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Spark full movie
TITLE: Spark (2016)
GENRE: Animation
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: 22 April 2016 (Canada)
STARS:Jessica Biel, Susan Sarandon, Hilary Swank
DIRECTOR:Aaron Woodley

DESCRIPTION: Spark 2016 movie is thirteen years earlier, the power-mad General Zhong took possession of management of Planet Bana as well as tore it to pieces in the method. Right now splintered right into numerous fragments, Zhong is Bana’s evil-overlord, controling with an iron fist. Enter Spark, a teenage monkey and his close friends, Vix, a battle-ready fox, as well as Chunk, a tech-savvy porker. Stimulate finds out of Zhong’s top secret strategy to take control of deep space through grabbing a big room monster realised as the Kraken – a monster that possesses the energy to make great voids. If Zhong deals with to harness the Kraken’s power, he’ll have history’s deadliest tool at his fingertips, and also this’s up to Spark and also his pals to cease him. Sparkle’s journey has him to the limits from deep space, where he runs into wonderful risks and also uncovers the secret from his true identification. An action-packed area journey complete from wit and also center, Spark is the tale from a boy who tackles great duty as well as at the same time discovers his due place in deep space.

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