Terjebak Nostalgia (2016) full movie Indo HD Download

Terjebak Nostalgia full movie 2016 Indo HD release download

Terjebak Nostalgia full movie
watch Terjebak Nostalgia 2016 free hd online

Terjebak Nostalgia full movie
TITLE: Terjebak Nostalgia (2016)
GENRE: Drama,Romance
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: November 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Raisa Andriana, Chicco Jerikho, Khiva Iskak, Maruli Tampubolon
DIRECTOR:Rako Prijanto

DESCRIPTION: Terjebak Nostalgia 2016 movie is tells the story of Raisa who so loved Sora and vice versa, Sora is also very fond of Raisa. They are a pair of lovers who have the same dreams, for their future, career and love. Because of that dream, Sora went to New York. Dreams are both increasingly apparent. But the opposite happens, Sora never returned to Jakarta, and to Raisa. That dream is now sinking to the seabed.
On the other hand there is Reza’s friend Raisa, who wanted to accompany Raisa to New York, to a place that has robbed him Sora. A journey begins. Raisa, Reza and … Sora. Raisa dragging trip into nostalgia. Nostalgia between framed him or even free from the trap.
Terjebak Nostalgia full movie Indonesia is a romantic drama directed by Rako Prijanto, while the text of a story written by Anggoro Saronto. The film is produced by production house Oreima Pictures and Kaninga Pictures. The story in the film is made to resemble the contents Terjebak Nostalgia Raisa songs.


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