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Ular Tangga full movie
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Ular Tangga full movie
TITLE: Ular Tangga (2016)
GENRE: Horror
RUNTIME: 1h 56 min
RELEASE: TBA 2016 (Indonesia)
STARS:Vicky Monica, Shareefa Daanish, Fauzan Nasrul, Alessia Cestaro

DESCRIPTION: Ular Tangga 2016 movie is a tells the story of FINA (20), student of a serious character and have the potential indigo, actually already had a bad feeling. Nightmare that appeared in his sleep like turn the alarm on the dangers inside FINA. It was concerned with the mountain climbing team of nature lovers campus. Incidentally, the team will set off in the ascent was led Bagas (21), a lover FINA.
Bagas not believe in FINA concerns. He even persuaded FINA still left with the team for nature lovers of four other students: Martha, WILLIAM, DODOY, and Lani. In the early stages, their journey assisted by GINA, a climber and guide who had already experienced and know the terrain on the mountain.
Unfortunately, the GINA warning that they chose a safe way, not honored by friends FINA. Without them knowing it, the way they choose to deliver them to the old tree is haunted and mysterious house on the mountain that has the tragedy in the past.
FINA realized the danger threatening him and his friends. The emergence of two small children ghosts, SANIA and TANIA, as a sign of the dangers that threaten them. They lost on the mountain, and forced to survive in a mysterious house that has been empty for years. FINA also feel there is something wrong with the austere old trees which is not far from the house.

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